Your choice of dial or digital calipers specially modified in order to enable accurate measurement of all hose crimps. Purchase exclusively online via our catalog.

6” Dial Calipers Part No. 75247

6” Dial Calipers Part No. 75247

6” Digital CalipersPart No. 75246

6” Digital CalipersPart No. 75246
Tips of the calipers
Note: The tips of the calipers have been relieved in order to accurately measure the crimp dimension. Standard calipers cannot be used for this type of measurement

ATCO Crimp Specifications

#6 Reduced SR & RB 6R 556 Red .556”
#6 2-Braid BL & SB 6-8R 655 Black .655”
#8 Reduced SR & RB 6-8R 655 Black .655”
#8 2-Braid BL & SB 8 830 Blue .830”
#10 Reduced SR & RB 10R 742 Almond .742”
#10 2 Braid BL & SB 10-12R 897 Green .897”
#12 Reduced SR & RB 10-12R 897 Green .897”
#12 2 Braid BL & SB 12 1015 Green 1.015”

Measurement – Take three measurements around the center crimp ring by applying the caliper blades as close to the center of the crimp segment imprint as possible. Add them together and divide by three. That will be the average crimp diameter. The average should be within +/-.012” of the stated crimp diameter.

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